"I AM" Creations

Instilling Self-Love and Self-Value in our Children!

     Teaching our children the power of "I AM"!


The Mission of “I AM” Creations is to show children that there is nothing that they cannot master, because everything there is to learn already exists inside of them.

Our children must never think that they “can’t” learn something - whether it be Math, Science, History, or Art - because they will know that they ARE all of those things and more.


Why “I AM”?

Inspired by Minister Farrakhan’s recent lecture, “The Education Challenge”, the purpose of “I AM” Creations is to give our children a chance to see themselves in the lessons that they are learning.  The Minister illustrated this point by creating the following analogy:

When you take a picture of a group of people, then show it to some of them, those people will first look for themselves before anything else.  If they cannot see themselves in the picture, they are not really going to be very interested.

This is a perfect analogy for the way many of our children view education today.  They cannot see any relevance to themselves in what they are being taught, and therefore, they are not very interested in learning even the little that is given to them in public schools.  “I AM” Creations has taken on the mission of serving as a reminder to parents, teachers, and others responsible for our children’s education to show them that they have the potential to master anything because everything already exists inside of them.  Furthermore, “I AM” Creations makes sure that the children know that when they are learning about the world, they are learning about themselves


Our children were made in the image and likeness of God, and as such, should realize that they have unlimited potential for greatness and mastery.  But they are also bombarded with images to look up to that nave nothing to do with them.  Hannah Montana, Disney Princesses, Spongebob Squarepants and Bratz are not images that we feel are appropriate for our children to emulate.  In  addition to providing educational motivation, “I AM” Creations is also dedicated to creating positive characters who look like our children, and who achieve what our children can achieve.




Thank-you to Bro. Rick Alim Muhammad for locating a link to the "Education Challenge" lecture that provided the inspiration for the "I AM" Creations!

Peace! Welcome to "I AM" Creations!

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